Saturday, October 24, 2015

31 Nights of Halloween: The Nekro Manthrax for the Cypher System.

Death is the only thing that Manthrax of Veroann ever feared.  He watched his parents die from the Yellow Plague and swore that would never happen to him.  He pursued the arkane arts as a nano, growing powerful enough to hold off age, but he wanted to banish death from his life.  He eventually found the crashed flying machine, NEMES, and its trove of wonders in the Moonbow Valley, where he finally unlocked the secrets he sought, becoming a nekro (lich).  There he now waits, weary of those who spread the story of his life and death, his only desire to keep what he has discovered to himself.


Motive: Conquer death
Environment: The Moobow Valley
Health: 24
Damage Inflicted: 8
Armor: 2
Movement: Short
Modifications: Esoteries 9, Intellect defense 9, Might defense 6, Numenera 9, Speed defense 7

Combat: Undead nano who employed eldritch esoteries.
Nekromancy: He inflicts 5 damage that ignores armor to a creature within Short range, and any enemy within Immediate range takes 3 damage.
Esoterrorist: If his target rolls a 1 on its defense roll, he regains 2 health.
Arkane Tools: He has 4 random cyphers.
Unliving Servitors: He may summon 1d6 Level 4 minions once per scene.
Death of the Party: He regains 1d6 health whenever an enemy moves one step down the damage track.
Use: The Moonbow Valley is the crash site of an ancient flying machine filled with wondrous artifacts...and the home of the most feared Nekro of the 9th World, Manthrax.
Loot: A defeated Manthrax has 1d6+2 cyphers and 2 artifacts.  Manthrax can only be destroyed permanently if his phylactery is located and destroyed, otherwise he returns to the World 1d6+10 days later.

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