Tuesday, October 6, 2015

31 Nights of Halloween: Dubh, the Lady in the Forest

Dubh and her husband Quence were druids in service to the Goddess in Green, who tended the region surrounding the great Valon-Veil, the Jewel of Ancient Zy.  However, Dubh was jealous and came to believe that her husband's childhood friend, Frey had lured him away from her.  In a rage she drowned the woman.  

The Goddess in Green appeared before Quence, revealing his wife's crimes and commanding him to bring her to justice.  However, he couldn't betray his beloved wife and was unwilling to capture her, telling her to flee.  But the Goddess in Green manage to lured her to the Cochrann Forest, a grove sacred to the Goddess and imprison her within it.  The Goddess even brought Quence there as an old man, so that Dubh could watch him pass from this World.

Over the many decades Dubh has grown vengeful and callous, but has learned to control the Forest as if it were her own body.  Those unfortunate souls who find their way to her are trapped there to mock the Goddess in Green and desecrate her once holy place with their deaths.


Motive: Prevent any who enter her forest from ever leaving
Environment: The Cochrann Forest, east of the B'il Fen and south of Valon-Veil
Health: 12
Damage Inflicted: 4
Armor: 3
Movement: Long
Modifications: Ambush 5, Intellect defense 5, Numenera 5, Speed defense 2, Stalk 5

Combat: Dubh is the Forest, existing in one tree at a time, which she can move between at will.
Branch: She inflicts 2 damage to any target that is in Close range of the tree she is currently residing in.
Esoteries: She has 3 random cyphers.
Use: A strange lights lures the characters into Dubh's Forest, will they ever make it out alive?
Loot: Dubh's body is ejected from whatever tree she resided in upon her death and has 1 artifact.

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