Friday, October 2, 2015

Aeon: Basilisk for Fantasy AGE


Abilities (Focuses)
-1 Accuracy 

-4 Communication 

2 Constitution

-1 Dexterity

2 Fighting (Bite)

-4 Intelligence 

1 Perception (Seeing)

3 Strength (Might)

-1 Willpower


     Speed          Health           Defense          Armor Rating
         8                 40                    9                         4


Weapon               Attack Roll          Damage 

Bite                               +4                  1d6+2        
Special Qualities Favored Stunts: Defensive Stance (2 SP), Lethal Blow (5 SP), Mighty Blow (2 SP), Petrifying Gaze (2 SP), Threaten (2 SP).

Armored Hide: The basilsk’s hide provides a natural Armor Rating of 4. 

Darkvision: The basilisk can see perfectly in total darkness.
Petrifying Gaze stunt: For 2 SP per target affected, a basilisk can catch a character’s eye during a battle or other encounter. A basilisk must be able to see each target directly to use this stunt. Anyone locking eyes with a medusa must succeed in an opposed Willpower (self- discipline) test vs. the medusa’s Perception (seeing). Failure results in 4d6 penetrating damage. Any target reduced to 0 Health by this attack is turned to stone. Any target who survives this effect is partially petrified and suffers a –2 penalty to all actions until they can rest for at least 8 hours as their body slowly and painfully reverses this effect.
Threat: Moderate

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