Saturday, October 10, 2015

31 Nights of Halloween: Geddon, the Devourer for the Cypher System

"Do you know how the 7th World ended?  The DvNT-e sacrificed everything to destroy Geddon.  The thing was an organism from the Infinite Night that found its way to their World. It burrowed beneath the surface, consuming everything, like a worm in a Silk Apple.  Devouring, growing, making the World rotten.  They discovered it and knew it would destroy this World and others.  They created a portal to a dying star -- they knew they would die, that everything would die, but they thought they could protect the future from Geddon.  But they only destroyed themselves, not Geddon.

GEDDON 10 (30)

Motive: To devour
Environment: Everywhere
Health: 30
Damage Inflicted: 10 to all creatures in Immediate range
Armor: 0
Movement: Long
Modifications: Intellect defense 8, Speed defense 9

Combat: A cosmic threat that consumes worlds from the inside out
Masticate: It inflicts 6 damage that ignores armor to all creatures in Short range.
Devour: Any creature that rolls a 1-4 on a defense check, moves 2 steps down the damage track.
Use: A nano from the Cult of the Devourer, has made contact with Geddon and it trying to wake it from its slumber.
Loot: --

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