Tuesday, September 1, 2015

ParaMilitary: The Icons

Here is how the Icons are currently represented in my ParaMilitary


The Allied Forces were on the verge of victory, before Hitler's ascension and are finding their renewed setbacks unthinkable. Little Boy's disappearance has put the Manhattan Project on hold and the Allies are looking toward Project: Crystal Ball for guidance in this grave new world.

The Axis Powers are now comprised of Italy, Japan, and their new Dero allies.  The price of admission for the ultraterrestrials was the elimination of the United States' doomsday weapon.  All three governments are weary of Ultima Deutschland, but eye General Winter is as possible ally.

Foo Fighters the Allies have chalked these unidentified aircraft to the Immortal Reich's Luftwaffe, but the strange crafts have bedeviled Allied, Axis, and the Reich's forces.  Who pilots them?  What side are they on?  The only facts that Project: Crystal Ball has is that they have lost 3 diviners who have tried to utilized tried and true occult practices to deadly strokes.

French Resistance have witnessed many of the Immortal Reich's newest weapons and tactics first hand.  The Vichy government is weary of the monstrosities that prowl their country, but dare not stand up to Ultima Deutschland.  The Resistance has experienced and capable fighters who have proven invaluable to Project: Crystal Ball. 

General Winter is an unknown force that has growing support throughout Eastern Europe.  The General was instrumental in halting the Nazi war machine's advance toward the Soviet Union, but intelligence briefings insist that Stalin has won no favors with the legendary being.  Rumors insist that while the czars did his people no good, he holds no love for the communists either.

Project: Crystal Ball are better aware of the true threats the world now faces than anyone realizes.  They are weary about how well the Allied Forces can handle the facts they are now confronted with.

Ultima Deutschland is the fruition of the Thule Society's plan for an Immortal Reich and their Fuhrer is both far more and far less than human.

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