Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Warhammer 40k: Dark Eldar Wytch for the Cypher System


Motive: Serve the Hekatarii
Environment: Anywhere
Health: 15
Damage Inflicted: 5
Armor: 3
Movement: Short
Modifications: Might defense 6
Combat: Dark eldar wytches are deadly and versatile soldiers on the battlefield.

Razorflail: They may inflict 2 damage to all creatures within immediate range.
Shardnet and Impaler: Their target must defend against a Level 6 attack and they inflict 2 points of damage that ignores armor.
Hydra Gauntlet: Their target must defend against a Level 4 attack and they inflict 6 points of damage.
Use: 1d3 dark eldar wytches are scouring the area, looking for an ancient device...a cypher one of the characters has.
Loot: A dead dark eldar wytch has 1 cypher.

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