Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cryptogram: Simeon Carcosa for the Cypher System


Motive: Deliver the Eath to Chod'Xoth
Environment: Anywhere
Health: 27
Damage Inflicted: 9
Armor: 2
Movement: Short
Modifications: Intellect defense 10, Magick 10, Marketing 10
Combat: A monstrous avatar of the End Times.

Raise Hell: He has 5 random cyphers with +2 to their level.
Teleport: He may move up to a Long distance as an action.
Use: Simeon was an urban legend before his imprisonment and now that he has escaped, sightings flair up constantly.  But what super team worth their salt wouldn't investigate?
Loot: A defeated Simeon Carcosa has 1 artifact.

Simeon Carcosa was an urban legend.  A boogeyman that first appeared on the DELPHI boards decades ago. A demoniac ape sorcerer who was said to drag hell to you.  
And then hell spat him out.  
Loosed him upon Los Angeles, where he began a path of destruction culminating into a massacre at the Gateway to the West in St. Louis.  Seventeen metahumans, hero and villain, lost their lives in that bloodshed.  They almost didn't stop Carcosa from summoning Chod'Xoth, the Dream Reaver, the Eater of Hope, the End of All Things.
But when Simeon failed, he surrendered.  
He begged for mercy.  
He asked for forgiveness.  
He cried that he was insane.  
He smiled for the cameras.
He was convicted and detained, in the newly build Bident.  ECHELON's top priority in their top facility.  
They hoped he'd rot.
And then the Order of the Basilisk breached the prison, and Carcosa disappeared.  
So now they watch.  
Now the wait.  
Now they grow weary.

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