Sunday, September 27, 2015

ParaMilitary: Cadaver Spider for 13th Age

North and Central America 1946
Horrifying arachnids are taking over the corpses of the recently deceased throughout Mexico and the southwestern United States.  The spiders find their way to the brain of the corpse and if its within four hours of death, they are able to consume the brain and somehow gaining access to the deceased's memories and skills.  Additionally, if they can remain within the host, other stranger physiological changes occur, including the ability to spit venom and webbing, increases strength and even the power of hypnosis.  

It is unclear how long the arachnids can maintain their ruse within the cadavers and there is growing evidence that the arachnids are organized and acting according to some monstrous plan.


"I'd heard Lonnie died.  And then here he is, on my farm, going after my boys, Tim and Matt.  I think...I think he was gonna kill 'em.  I called after him and when he turned around he spit was like acid.  Right at me.  So...well...I shot that sumbitch and yelled for the boys to git in the house.  And then...well...and then a goddamned spider came crawling out of his mouth...huge.  Like a crab.  So I shot it too!"

-William "Billy Boy" North's testimony to Project: Crystal Ball after encountering a cadaver spider.

2nd level wrecker [INSECT] 
Initiative: +1

Fisticuffs +7 vs. AC - 5 damage
     Natural Even Roll: The target takes an additional 3 damage.

C: Spit Venom +6 vs. PD - 7 damage.
    Natural Odd Roll: 2 ongoing damage.

Nastier Specials
Web Spitter +7 vs. PD - The target is stuck.

Hypnotize +5 vs MD - The target is confused.
    Natural 16+: The Target is dazed.

AC 18

PD 12               HP 36

MD 16

Fear Threshold: 9 Hit Points

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