Friday, September 11, 2015

ParaMilitary: Men In Black for 13th Age

European Theater 1946
Forces all over Europe, on all sides have been encountering mysterious men, saboteurs, dressed in black.


"These men in black, they've interfered with four of our operations already.  But intel shows us the krauts and Axis have been having similar problems.  Any chance the enemy of my enemy can be my friend?"

-Colonel Clarence St. John-Smythe, debriefing Project: Crystal Ball on the mysterious "men in black".

4th level scrapper troop [?] 
Initiative: +4

R: Las Pistol +8 vs. AC—14 damage 

Fisticuffs +9 vs. PD—12 damage 
     Natural Even Roll: The target takes the escalation die in

Nastier Specials
Fear Threshold: 20 Hit Points

Neuralizer +7 vs MD —10 damage 
     Natural Odd Roll: The target is dazed

Smokes +7 vs PD —1d3 nearby creatures take 8 points of damage.

AC   20
PD   16                             HP 46
MD  16

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