Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cryptogram: Conservator (Bio-Borg) for the Cypher System

A High Lord for the Splugorith who grows bored and longs for only the hunt.  They opt to become bio-borgs to become predators who love to stalk, track, and fight.


Motive: Serve the Splugorith
Environment: Anywhere
Health: 15
Damage Inflicted: 5
Armor: 3
Movement: : Short
Modifications: Intellect defense 4, Might defense 6, Stealth 6, Tracking 6
Combat: They are inhuman engines of destruction.

Scent Chemical: Any creature marked by this scent chemical can be tracked for 8 days.
Four Arms: They may attack 2 characters within immediate range with one action.
Tail: A creature hit by the stinger moves one step down the damage track.
Bio-Wizardry: They have 1 random artifact.
Use: A conservator is tracking a target when it comes across the characters.
Loot: A dead conservator has 1 artifact.

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