Monday, September 7, 2015

Masters of the Universe Monday: Faker for 13th Age

Faker was originally built by Man-At-Arms to cover for He-Man when Prince Adam is needed, Faker was abandoned after his first mission in the royal junk yard and salvaged by the evil warrior Tri-Klops. 

At the request of Skeletor, Faker was reprogrammed to replace He-Man and convince the people of Eternia that He-Man had betrayed King Randor and turned to evil.


3rd level wrecker [ANDROID] 
Initiative: +6

Electro Sword +8 vs. AC—10 damage 
     Natural 16+: The target is popped off from being engaged with
     and takes an additional 5 damage.

Artificial Intellgiene: Faker is immune to all effects, even ongoing

AC   19
PD   17                             HP 50
MD  15

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