Saturday, November 26, 2016

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Kobold

Barely clearing 3 feet in height, kobolds have scaly hides that range from dark, rusty brown to a rusty black. They smell of damp dogs and stagnant water. Their eyes glow like a bright red spark and they have two small horns ranging from tan to white. Because of the kobolds' fondness for wearing raggedy garb of red and orange, their non-prehensile rat-like tails, and their language (which sounds like small dogs yapping), these fell creatures are often not taken seriously. This is a fatal mistake, for what they lack in size and strength they make up in ferocity and tenacity. 

Size 1/2 kobold
Perception 10 (+0); shadowsight
Defense 13 (soft leather); Health 8
Strength 8 (-2)   Agility 12 (+2)   Intellect 9 (-1)   Will 8 (-2)
Speed 10
Sunlight Vulnerability A kobold is impaired while exposed to 
   direct sunlight.

Spear (melee) +2 (1d6)
Sling (medium range) +2 (1d3)

Pack Fighting When the kobold attacks a target within the reach of
   another creature with Pack Fighting that is friendly to the kobold,
   it makes the attack roll with 1 boon. Otherwise, it makes the
   attack roll with 1 bane.

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