Monday, November 14, 2016

D100: The Ohio River Valley Paranormal Society

The first session of my Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition game starts this thursday. We made characters last week.

The characters:

Lee Turner,  Sheriff's deputy.

Cosmo Riverton, paranormal investigator and owner of GhostPhone.Com

Jesse, a drifter who has seen too much and is sure THEY are out to get her.

Giovanni Grant, a lawyer.

They and several others make up the Ohio River Valley Paranormal Society, which was founded in 2006. Jenna Harper, Ray Ferarra, Joyce Ferarra, and Todd Cole were the founders of the group. It's size has ebbed and flowed from as low to three to as many as twenty-two. Jenna is the only founder who remains active in the Society. It is a poorly guarded secret that there is bad blood between her and the other three founders, though the exact reasons are unknown.

The group meets once a week at the Lester Sterling Library to go over pleas for help, coordinate investigations, upgrading technology and to discuss new research.

Recently, a local municipality has reached out to the Society about strange occurrences taking place at a renovation of a home they purchased for some additional offices.

Reseaching the property has uncovered the deaths of several people in the home's one-hundred and thirty year history. Jenna is keen for the Society to take the case, but cannot lead it do to a speaking engagement in Chicago. She intends to hand it over to Cosmo.

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