Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Numenera: Widget Sentroid

WODEN was founded by Ellana Deyvac, an accomplished glaive and brilliant tactician whose victories at Fort Slawsen and on the Plains of Drim, gave her the resources necessary to form the weapons research firm. WODEN has been in operation for nearly seventy years and splits it's focus between in-house weapon designs and maunfacturing, as well as an aggressive cypher acquisition and research division. Ellana is currently in her 2nd clone iteration and rumors insist that Bethel-Ware, a prominent bio-tech boutique in Navarne, has exchanged it's technology for an interest in WODEN.

While WODEN is most known for it's EKTO-Drive weapon systems, that gain power from the Spektral Plane, it's best selling product is the Widget Sentroid. Sentroid's have been in production for just over a decade and have extensive problem solving skills without full sentience and are being used by eccentric Maestro, K-G^; Major Hecate of the Orange Reapers; and even one of the Nine Rivals, Queen M'eht der Freuhm.


Motive: Obey Their Owner
Environment: Anywhere
Health: 18
Damage Inflicted: 5
Armor: 2
Movement: Short
Modifications: Might defense 6, Speed defense 6

Combat: Widgets rely on traditional combat tactics with a special focus on whatever they are assigned to defend.
Cover!: If the target rolls a natural 1 on their Speed roll, the Widget Sentroid inflicts 2 points of damage.
Down!: If a Widget Sentroid is within Close range of their assigned creature, the Widget Sentroid may take any damage inflicted on their assigned creature.
Use: They are great as security.
Loot: A dead Widget Sentroid has 1 cypher.

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