Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hackable: D&D100

I'm looking at running a game for beginning players and as a thought exercise I wanted to explore Swords and Wizardry using percentile dice.

Ability score bonuses are per the Strength To-Hit column of Swords and Wizardry Complete, but they range from -10% to +10%, instead of -2 to +2.  Ability score bonuses are added to your Saving Throw Percentage when the DM requires.
E.G. Billy Ray Cordite is a 4th level Fighter and has a Save of 50%. He is trying to sneak past a sentry and he has a Dexterity of  13, which grants him a +5% for a total of 55%. He rolls a 62 and fails, the sentry hears his armor and spots him.

Armor works as in The Black Hack, except Armor points refresh at the end of a fight.


Prime Attribute: Strength, 13+ (+5% experience bonus)
Hit Dice: 1d8/level (Gains 2 hp/level after 9th.)
Armor/Shield Permitted: Any
Race: Any

Experience Points Required: Per Swords and Wizardry Complete
Saving Throw: At 1st level is 35% and it increases by +5% per SnWC to a max of 85%
Attack Rating: At 1st level it is 50% and increases per pg. 38 (in percentage increments) of SnWC to a max of 95%.
Weapons: Fighters deal 1d6+2 with a weapon and 1d6+3 if they use both hands.

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