Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Wave Motion Gun

Ah, Star Blazers.  I was seven when my local WXIX, Channel 19 began broadcasting it and I would wake up early every morning to watch it.  It was so cool to not only have an epic sci-fi adventure, but a continuous story throughout each season.

I really wanted to be Derek Wildstar and even memorized the first season's opening theme:

We're off to outer space / We're leaving Mother Earth / To save the human race / Our Star Blazers
Searching for a distant star / Heading off to Iscandar / Leaving all we love behind / Who knows what danger we'll find?
We must be strong and brave / Our home we've got to save / If we don't in just one year / Mother Earth will disappear
Fighting with the Gamilons / We won't stop until we've won / Then we'll return and when we arrive / The Earth will survive
With our Star Blazers

Even at that age I enjoyed the conflict between the characters and the flaws each crew member of the Argo had to overcome.

And then there was the Wave Motion Gun.  Sure, it was a huge plot device, but each time they used it, I 'd get super excited.

Star Blazers was so cool, it replaced Star Wars for my seven year old self' favorite thing.

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