Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Apache Chief


The Super Friends was my introduction to super heroes and would push me toward a future as a comic book geek.  

But it was the Challenge of the Super Friends and the loathsome Legion of Doom that set my young imagination on fire.  The Justice League wasn't just rescuing someone or stopping some strange alien menace, but they were fighting their archenemies.

I was introduced to Sinestro, Lex Luther and Gorilla Grodd.  I got to see Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Superman's origin.  One episode even featured the Legion winning!

This was Good vs Evil and Evil was smart and well organized, I mean look at the Hall of Doom! 

Oh, and did I mention that the Hall of Justice was a mere few miles from house?
Ok, it's Cincinnati's Union Terminal, but even now, when I pass it I think of the Justice League.

Sure, it doesn't hold up, but it shaped me.  And there was no sign of Wendy, Marvin or the Wonder Twins.  Heck, one episode features betrayed membes of the Legion plotting to destroy their fellow comrades!  That's pretty heavy for six year old.

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