Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Inhumanoids

Inhumanoids hit the toy scene right as I was leaving it, which is to say, I was a Junior in High School.  It was a point in my life where my fear of being discovered as a toy and comics nerd outweighed my love for them (fortunately, I could still read comics without drawing attention to myself).

It wanted to share it because its one of those things you walk away from in life and it still leaves a small hole.  The hole isn't for the toys I didn't get, but for the decision I made.

It saddens me that I let peer pressure change who I was, but it taught me a valuable lesson and I can't ignore that.  I'm a better, stronger person for making that decision and it galvanizes who I am now and how I raise my children.  Plus, I'm not foolish enough to try to afford being a toy collector, so there is a bright side to every decision.

Anyway, the cool thing about Inhumanoids' heroes, the Earth Corps, is that they had giant bodies and little heads, since they all wore environmental suits to brave the subterranean horrors they had to face.

I think the Heroes in Mechs vs Monsters from Below is what I like best about this line.

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