Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cyborg Specialty for D&D Next


Wether your from the future, a different plane or you've had magitech grafted to you from an arcane or divine source or even been exposed to arcanonites, you are for more than humanoid.
Optional: Unlike other Specialties, once you start taking these feats, you can't deviate from this path or take these feats any other way or in any other order.

Level 1: Night Vision
              Benefit:  You treat darkness within 90
              feet of you as dim light.
Level 3: Dermal Plating
              Benefit: Your AC becomes 12 + your Dex modifier. 
Level 6: Wired Reflexes
              Benefit: You add 1d6 to your initiative rolls.

              Special: At 7th, 12th and 17th level you have the option of improving the die size of the bonus
              as you would when improving any other skill.
 Level 9: Targeting Systems
              Benefit: Increase the die size of any weapon you use, by one step.  So a dagger would due
              1d6 damage, instead of 1d4.

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