Saturday, November 22, 2014

This Way to Jarlsburg

As I go about planning my next Jarlsburg game, I'm leaning toward moving away from focusing on the Ironcloaks and going in a different direction.

My first idea for the set up would be to focus on the Silvercloaks (more inquisitors/investigators) who deal with the strangest cases in the city and work under High Inquisitor Lot.  This game would be less of the day to day cases and handle the more bizarre and dangerous stuff most the city is never aware of.

The second idea would be for them to be working for the Lunar Court, this would allow them to be more unusual "races", vampires, lycanthropes, ghosts (and I would probably use Gamma World 7th Edition Origins to simulate those).  This would be a more political game as they have to maneuver through the supernaturals that reside in and manipulates the city.

The third idea would see them as members of Shemmy's Social Club, Jarlsburg's very own thieves' guild.  The game would focus on Adder Vitriol trying to consolidate power (they'd either work for or against him) and deal with the Club deciding to take on the Witengamot -- revolutionaries who are trying to install democracy through mind control.

I'll probably poll my player's to see if they have strong preferences, as I don't have a clear cut favorite.

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