Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jarlsburg: The Cult of the Hungering Shadow

In a short time, the insidious Cult of the Hungering Shadow has infected every layer of society in Jarlsburg.  The leader, simply known as Malhavoc, has managed to obscure her identity thus far from authorities.

In less than three months, she has managed to install several "cells" of the cult throughout the city, each operate independently of the others.  In fact, two cells in Yeti, Jarlsburg's north quarter, nearly slaughtered each other in the pursuit of an ancient grimoire in the library of Giles Rickenbacher.
   It was this feud that alerted the Silvercloaks that something was amiss and give Lot enough information to study the recent cases of the Ironcloaks to understand that a new cult was operating within the city.
   Through some strong divination magic, Lot learned that Malhavoc resides somewhere in Vikar, but nothing else could be learned before Malhavoc used black magic to murder two of the three diviners casting the spell for the Inquisitor.
   Lot secretly suspects that that Malhavoc resides in Bunker and may well be a person of prominence and power.
   The Cult of the Hungering Shadow worships an unknown demon of great power that seek to direct it's malice to corrupt the city before destroying it.
   Lot believes there at least six cells still active in the city and they have been responsible for murder, kidnapping, and larceny.
   He is careful who he shares his information with, because of his uncertainty of who to trust.

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