Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hard Times in Jarlsburg: Farmers Get Sinking Feeling

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Two farms along the Southway have recently been plagued with sinkholes!

Three cows and a goat have been lost to the unexpected chasms, four total, opening mere feet from the homesteads of the Bonnyleafs and Tangles.

"Me youngest boy, Tanner, nearly got swallowed up when he was milking Petina!  He's almost seven and that'd be right hard to lose him after so much training.  I only got three boys and really can't afford to lose one."  Explained Beau Tangle, head of the Tangle farm and site of three of the sinkholes.

Yenna Bonnyleaf-Gurn had this to say, "It tain't right, these sinkholes.  Me family has farmed this land since I was a wee lass.  Me brother and I's family been working this land hard and our Pappy tain't ever remembered anything like this happening.  He thinks it the Tunnelers!  He thinks that fool Beau Tangle went and paid some shaman to "bless" his crops and that juju has brought the Tunnelers up!"

While the Bonnyleafs only have one sinkhole on their land, they've sadly lost three cows.

For those unaware, the "Tunnelers" are legends going well back into the stories of the dwarves who settled Jarlsburg.  They are gigantic, blind white worms that were reportedly slain as the dwarves constructed our fine city.

But could they have returned?  Might the dwarves not really have slain them all?

This reporter asked Old Skopren "Skip" Olafstout, Rememberer for the Jarlsburg Society for Dwarves and Ouster of all the Others for comment.  "Wha?!  Tunnelers?  Here?  Now?  Who are you?  No, we killed 'em all.  All!  Get out of here, you ain't a dwarf!"

Something tells this reporter that Skip isn't sharing all of his facts.

We will continue to share developments, in the meantime, take extra precautions when traveling the Southway.

Scobey Jethel III, Reporter
Mid-Day Edition on the 12th Day of Novem in the Second Hundred and Twenty First Year of Thronehold

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