Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hard Times in Jarlsburg: Unicorn Accosts Night Nurses!

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Several care workers at Saint Helga's Ward on Helmut Way in Dribble (across the street from the Wildly Orange Pub) were accosted by a male Unicorn last night.

The Unicorn burst through the doors to the Ward around 10pm last evening and forced all four of the night nurses on duty to hide out in a supply closet as the beast beat at the door with its front hooves and nearly broke through with its horn.  The creature finally departed after nearly fifteen minutes of harassment and is still at large.

Neena Tyrm, the on-duty matron, said the creature seemed disoriented and kept referring to one of her crew as "Lidya" and asking why she would not leave with him.

"Lydia" could not be reached for comment, but has been identified as Lejeena Kaper of Gibbons, and a recent recruit to Saint Helga's.

This of course, is not the first instance of disoriented male Unicorns plaguing our city and has added to Lady Brianna Galley's (Minister of the West) personal crusade to "wipe the monsters out".
Her organization, Stop the Madness, who's sole goal is to hunt down and destroy every one of the magical creatures within 100 miles of the city, has posted demonstrators outside of Saint Helga's.

Sadly, it is this reporters opinion, that Lady Galley has never gotten over the attack she suffered from one of the creatures in her youth.

More details as they develop

Hera Kirck, Gibbons Beat Reporter
Early-Day Edition on the 16th Day of Novem in the Second Hundred and Twenty First Year of Thronehold

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