Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Prime Materials: Medium Armor for Druids in D&D 5th Edition

Druids have access to medium armor, but only if doesn't use metal.  Thanks to a suggestion from Joshua Wardrop, I've decided to brainstorm some options for druids.

Angel Feather.  Some druids are giving boons from devas serving their god, to either reward them or to signal that they are destined for something special.  The armor is only designed for them and will not fit anyone else and fall into dust upon their death.  It covers the body like scale mail.

Bulette Armor.  Made of bulette hide and covers the body like half plate.

Dinosaur Scale Armor.  Made of very types of dinosaur scales and covering the body like scale mail.

Giant Lizard Armor.  Made of giant lizard scales and covering the body like a chain shirt.

Tortoise Shell Armor.  Made of tortoise shells overing the body like breastplate.

Medium Armor    Cost      AC    Weight    Stealth

Angel Feather   Special   AC 14 + Dex (max 2)  5 lb.

Giant Lizard   100 gp   AC 13 + Dex (max 2)  35 lb.

Dinosaur   150 gp  AC 14 + Dex (max 2)  15 lb.  Disadvantage

Tortoise   100 gp   AC 14 + Dex (max 2)  15 lb.

Bulette   1000 gp   AC 15 + Dex (max 2)  30 lb. Disadvantage

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