Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for X-Files

The truth was out there, or so we all hoped.  Like many people my age, I was a huge X-Files fan.  But more importantly, I'm a huge Conspiracy fan, and X-Files was my gateway into that strange, strange world.

A good conspiracy gets my juices flowing.  Unfortunately, while I believe like minded people can change things behind the scenes, I think human frailty prevents any form of serious success from emerging in the shape of some shadow government.

But, the idea of conspiracies are fascinating to me.  And what better types of organizations to add to your game?  Wether it's a benevolent union to protect the world from eldritch threats or a malevolent force manipulating and murdering without compunction, a good conspiracy is a very useful tool.  And a favorite in my toolbox.  I've been working on the Council of Fire for 20 years now, and they still haven't stepped into the spotlight.

The power of his hat compels you.

I also really enjoy the type of horror, the X-files, produced.  It's cerebral and subdued, splatterpunk had no place there, and often the truth was murky at best.  And it drew a great deal of inspiration from Kolchak, the Night Stalker (the original, not the one the Ford Mustang starred in).  Karl's adventure under Seattle are still a favorite of mine.

Scully's fiery locks warmed my heart.
And finally, the X-files exposed me to the idea of a story arc within a TV show.  Sure, it was drawn out and never really had a pay off, but it was unexplored territory for me as a teenager.  I can draw inspiration from how it developed as both what to do and what not to do with my own arcs, in my games.

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