Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gathering Secrets: Phyrexium

The metal know as Phyrexium was discovered by Thran artificers after settling the plane of Phyrexia.  As Yawgmoth hastened his experiments of melding flesh and metal and made strides in his "research" into the disease known as Phthisis, many breakthroughs were weaponized to further his plans to invade Dominaria.

Phyrexium is a metal matrix composite of titanium, sliver hide, glistening oil, fanatical hatred, and blood infected with Phthisis.  Weapons made using this composite include daggers, swords, axes, picks and a single mace.  The mace was given to Yawgmoth's head of security, Phobart Guile.  The matrix process to reinforce Phyrexium is arduous at best and dangerous at worst, having a high mortality rate due to the handling of the Phthisis tainted blood.  The level of manufacturing Yawgmoth sought was never met, leading to the execution of several of the artificers who unlocked the composite's secret.  Scholars have debated if process to create the foul composite can be replicated outside of the plane of Phyrexia and truly hope this to be true.  This is irregardless of lacking sliver hide, who experts pray are extinct and the fact that Phthisis has not been encountered in over 1000 years.

Phyrexium weapons are +1 magic weapons.  However, the weapons are +2 magic weapons when wielded on Dominaria, because of the fanatical hatred of the plane emanating from the smiths who forged them.  There is a 15% chance the victim of a Phyrexium weapon will be poisoned with  Toxic Phthisis the first time they are struck by one in a battle.

Toxic Phthisis
Type: Injury
Onset: 1 Round
Detection: 45%
Save Adj: 0
Failed Save Damage: 25
Passed Save Damage: 0
Symptons:  Blackening of wound, burning sensation throughout entire body, blurry vision.

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