Thursday, April 12, 2012

Strata Gem

A Strata Gem is a magic item created by elven Anathemancers of Aerth to bind beings to their service.  The ritual  they employ is a very strictly guarded secret, but it is believed to require a willing observer and the sacrifice of a separate sentient being.  It is widely accepted that Amber is also a requisite material for the ritual.  Once bound, the wielder has complete control over the unfortunate victim of the Gem.  Deciding when, where, and how long they are released.  Many mystics also believe the wielder has the power to deeply influence the actions of whomever is bound to the Gem.

Several Operation: Malleus agents witnessed the binding of a Giant Ape to a Strata Gem, by an unidentified elven Anathemancer, most likely a member of the Thule Society.   Their investigation led them to believe the elf sacrificed a nazi soldier while transporting the creature from The Tiergarten, a hidden base somewhere off the coast of Brazil, to France.  It is believed the witness to the ritual was a Dr. Ono Kosei, a Japanese scientist on loan to the Nazis.  Kosei was killed during the raid by the Hammers, but the elf, while it was reported he was badly injured, escaped with the Strata Gem successfully created.

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