Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dungeons and Dragons: The Gathering

The other DnD game I'm running has only had 1 session, but the second is scheduled for tomorrow night.    The game uses the island of Urborg from Magic: The Gathering's Plane of Dominaria as its setting.  

The Gatherers have been tasked with unearthing and mapping the Tomb of Yawgmoth for their patron, the wizard Dunwich of Tolaria.

Dunwich has provided key help at critical junctures in several of the Gatherer's lives.

Variel (Cleric, 8) is a High Elf priest of  Corellon Larethian.  He is unsettled in the presence of humanity but is striving to create an outpost and safe haven on Urborg.  Dunwich's task for him is secondary to his commitment to missionary work.

Barracus (Fighter, 8) is a blacksmith hoping to fulfill the destiny Dunwich has promised him.  Many years ago, the Tolarian Wizard told Barracus that he would forge the greatest weapon the world had ever seen.

Cassandra L'Heart (Wizard, 8) is the daughter of the infamous despot, Abaddon L'Heart of Sapradia.  She is spying on Dunwich and his Seekers to win her father's approval.

Several other companions and retainers were dropped off by the Man-O'-War to aid the Gatherers in their quest.

While I haven't done much more than run Magic events or trade and sell cards since the Ice Age Set, I'm fairly amazed at the depth of story and how well it integrates with my goals at running a DnD game.

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