Monday, April 16, 2012

C is for Clash of the Titans

I was 11 years old when the marketing began from Clash of the Titans.  I had already experienced the wonder of Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back and had my mind blown as much by the toy tie-ins as the movies themselves (strangely Marvel's Star Wars comic wasn't what got me to read them and I never collected it until well after Dark Horse picked up the license).  I'm sure my recollection is off, but it felt like I waited months after getting the toys to see the film.  Unfortunately, this was the first film that ever missed my expectations.  I actually hated it.  I remember being shocked at seeing a naked breast and felt the film wasn't really for kids.  At 11.  I did, however, find Bubo adorable.

The reason this film is on my list is that I used the time leading up to the release to devour Greek Mythology.  And then Norse, Native American, Aboriginal, Aztec, etc.  Even though I still can't watch the dreadful thing, I can't overlook its contribution to who I am.  Of course, I hated how they butchered the Myths, themselves.

I wish I could pretend that I had any appreciate for Ray Harryhausen's final work, but the whole thing fell short for me.

I am probably in the minority here, but 2010's remake is exactly what my inner 11 year old wanted all those many years ago.  I thoroughly enjoyed this film on every level (yes, it butchered the myths as well, but I just didn't care).  I can watch this film over and over and though I haven't seen the sequel (the cost for a family of 4 or 5 to see a film is a luxury beyond our budget), I very well might this week on our vacation.  One of the trailers even gave me an appreciation for Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams, something I thought to be impossible.

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