Tuesday, April 17, 2012

J is for Joe

G.I. Joe, that is.  I don't remember getting my Eagle Eye G.I. Joe, with life-like hair as a child, it just feels like it always with me.  He had a foot locker with all kinds of cool equipment and weaponry.  The only thing I wished he had was a cool enemy to fight.  Joe has been my friend since before I could remember.

You can imagine my awe at going the Convenient Store--yes that was its name--at the end of Utz Drive in 1982 and finding G.I. Joe #6 on the newstands.  By that time, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero offered everything the Adventure Team had not and more.  I already had Clutch and the V.A.M.P. Battle Jeep, Flash, Rock n' Roll, and Stalker.  But a comic book for the Joes?

My life at the age of 10 was changed forever with a single purchase.

This was the gateway that led me to collecting Comic Books.  It was this series that led me to find Comic Book World, the company I now work for, to find back issues.  It was ads in comics like this that gave me my first exposure to DnD and the Robotech RPG.  It introduced me to Role Playing Games.  It ultimately led me here.

If it wasn't for this comic, I'm not sure if I'd be exactly the same person I am today.  G.I. Joe was the catalyst for everything in this blog and more.  Oh, so much more.  Literally, I don't know that I'd have met my wife (she works at CBW) or had my children, without it.

Thats how inspiring the Joes were for me and mine.

Yo Joe!


Mark Means said...

I grew up with the original (one person) G.I. Joe action figure as well. By the time the 'Real American Hero' version came out, I was a bit out of the toys phase. I wish I would have bought some, though, for collecting purposes only...

..I wouldn't have played with them.....honest :P

And, I don't care what anyone says, I liked the G.I. Joe (animated) movie...especially the opening song...cool stuff!

Cross Planes said...

Remember, knowing is half the battle!

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