Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gnomes of Zuriq

The Gnomes were old before humans walked the Earth.  Some stories say they helped the Gods of Olympus in their war against the Titans.  And a few say they even taught young Zeus about rebellion.

Its unknown how many Gnomes there are left on the Earth today.  Few alive even know what a Gnome looks like.  The main reason for this is that Gnomes have a psychic camouflage that makes them appear as normal humans, unless they desire otherwise.  It is known that they are all capable Magic Users and have been provided Divine magic to cultists who have worshipped them.

Recent intelligence from the O.S.S. Project: Malleus reports that a Gnome's true form is that of a human man or woman with the head of an animal, as portrayed in Egyptian Hieroglyphics.  The Hammer's did not face a Gnome directly, but commented about the aura of power surrounding them and their effect on Agent Atropus.

The same intelligence describes encountering a Gnome, going by the name Scythian who is working with the Russian government and has been central in their "Space Program".  Operatives encountered this Scythian and a strike force of intelligent apes, highly trained dogs and several female agents on a moon base claimed by the Russians.  The Scythian has used an ancient temple, he claims to be Asgard, as a base and was repairing the fabled Rainbow Bridge.  When our operatives encountered his base, he became aware that the Nazis were planning to invade the Moon and soon after the Rainbow Bridge was activated from its other end...and subterranean site they claimed was the corpse of Fenris Wolf.  The Hammers were able to deactivate the Bridge, but the Fenris site was destroyed. Debriefing has shown that when the Hammers first invaded the site, another Gnome, who identified himself as the Aryan, fled when Agent Atropus made contact with a being deeper in the Aerth, that Agent Gargamel, strongly feels was the Old One known as Ithaqua.  The Aryan is obviously a Nazi operative and research needs to begin on how to deal with these mythic beings.

Gnomes of Zuriq

No. Enco.: 1

Movement: 60'

Armor Class: 2 (18)

Hit Dice: 9

Attacks: 1

Damage: By Weapon or Spell

Special:  Gnomes are always Magic Users and may Multi-Class freely.  Gnomes can psychically appear as human at will.

Save: F9

Morale: 9

Alignment: Any

X.P. Value: 3100

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