Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Shogun Warriors

What's not to love about giant robots and Godzilla?

I remember loving my Great Mazinga (with missle launching fingers) and Godzilla (with a rocket fist and fiery breath) more than nearly anything.  If I recall correctly they were nearly as big as me!

A robotic warrior is inspiration enough, but the childish wonder these toys draw forth is key to their inspiration.

I have far less time than I did 5 years ago, so when I start planning an adventure I want it to be entertaining and memorable.  And if I'm truly lucky, I might even tap into your inner child.  I spent years as a Gamemaster before I was lucky enough for my librarian friend, Val, to ask me to run some games of DnD for her teens at the library.  My time doing was few and far between, but their enthusiasm and imagination shocked me.  I didn't start gaming until I was a sophomore in college, so I didn't share any epic adventures with middle school or high school friends.  So I was shocked at her teens' hunger for adventure, their creative solutions to problems, and the lack of bloodlust the showed to enemies.  I was so used to conflict resolution meaning kill the monster and take it's stuff, I almost didn't know what to do.  They changed me as GM, in a very good way.  Thankfully, her teens were gracious and patient and I was smart enough to let them shape their experience.  And I was better off for it.  Thank you, Val.

The point is don't let your expectations color your inspiration.  When you see an adult tap into their inner 11 year old, you know that the time you've spent is well worth it.

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LuftWaffle said...

I miss teenage gaming, mostly due to the expanse of free time. Those are games and times I shall never forget.

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