Friday, April 27, 2012

The Gathering: The story so far

I figured I'd give you a rundown of the 2nd session and (re)introduce you to the current cast and set-up.

The Gatherers have been tasked with unearthing and mapping the Tomb of Yawgmoth for their patron, the wizard Dunwich of Tolaria.

Dunwich has provided key help, at critical junctures, in several of the Gatherers lives.

Variel (Cleric, 8) is a High Elf priest of  Corellon Larethian.  He is unsettled in the presence of humanity, but is striving to create an outpost and save haven on Urborg.  Dunwich's task for him is secondary to his commitment to missionary work.  He has proven very pragmatic and is keeping a very keen eye on Barracus's metamorphosis.

Barracus (Fighter, 8) is a blacksmith hoping to fulfill the destiny Dunwich has promised him.  Many years ago, the Tolarian Wizard told Barracus that he would forge greatest weapon the world had ever seen.  In the 2nd session he may have was exposed to glistening oil.  So far, he has grown 4", added muscle and stamina and has been able to use an amulet he found to interface with the Tomb of Yawgmoth.

Andro (Wizard, 8) is a mysterious Elf pyromancer, hired to map the Tomb by Dunwich.  Andro's gender is uncertain still.

Jacob the Rooster (Cleric, 8) dutifully serves Marcus of the Crossplanes, demigod of archives.  Rooster is easily swayed by a female face.  He is open minded and quick to action.  Like Andro, Jacob was hired to chronicle the exploration of the "Tomb".

Lord Martin Wintresh, Earl of Witten (Rogue, 8) is uncertain of his comrades.  He is practical man, trying to reclaim lands stolen from him.  While he initially sought to provide leadership to this band, he's come to see that they are all insane and apparently suicidal.  He has a very weak stomach and is waiting to end Baracus's misery.

In the 2nd session, the Gatherers found the obelisk marking the Tomb and the 9 Titans, a half circle of monoliths.  Lord Wintresh discovered a trap and unlocked the entrance.

They descended into a sleek metallic room with smooth walls and were surprised how chilly the temperature was.  Martin attempted to use a panel he discovered and while he activated some form of lighting he sealed the entrance behind them.  

Almost immediately they were greeted by 2 spider-like machines (later identified as Wardens) that attacked with beams of light.  Barracus and Martin easily dealt with the first creature.  Barracus split the head in two, revealing an organic core and wreaking of rotten fruit.  Variel led the destruction of the 2nd machine/creature.

As they explored several rooms, the found a cache of weapons made of Phyrexium, a bazooka and several devices that may be bombs.  Something drove a swarm of rats from ductwork above one of the rooms toward them.

The final room of the evening showed evidence of a magical battle and led them to remains of several books.  Strange fans had switched on for some unknown reason and their noise had stalked the Gatherers.

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