Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Uatu

Marvel Universe's The Watcher, known to a select few as Uatu, has made many appearances throughout Marvel Comic's publishing history.  However, the focus of this post is the various series of the comic, What If.  

I always enjoyed seeing how different changepoints in Marvel history would turn out.  Seeing the ramifications of different decisions and catastrophes would impact those characters was very enlightening.  In my opinion a Gamemaster needs to constantly be ready for What If.

I try to think about consequences and ramifications when building stories for my players.  Each decision they make should move the story along somehow.  As much as I love plotting out a whole campaign in advance, the player's actions should be the spotlight.  In many ways, I'm the Watcher for their game.  I set the scene and provide interaction, but their presence should be the changepoint for a whole new world.  One, neither they or I could have foreseen.  What If this particular group played through my adventure?


Mark Means said...

"O.k...I'm going to try to teleport the fire..."

Unknown said...

"While the the team isn't looking, I cut the villains head off since he killed all my friends."

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