Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Uatu

Marvel Universe's The Watcher, known to a select few as Uatu, has made many appearances throughout Marvel Comic's publishing history.  However, the focus of this post is the various series of the comic, What If.  

I always enjoyed seeing how different changepoints in Marvel history would turn out.  Seeing the ramifications of different decisions and catastrophes would impact those characters was very enlightening.  In my opinion a Gamemaster needs to constantly be ready for What If.

I try to think about consequences and ramifications when building stories for my players.  Each decision they make should move the story along somehow.  As much as I love plotting out a whole campaign in advance, the player's actions should be the spotlight.  In many ways, I'm the Watcher for their game.  I set the scene and provide interaction, but their presence should be the changepoint for a whole new world.  One, neither they or I could have foreseen.  What If this particular group played through my adventure?

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