Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Black Hack: Tah-tah'kle'-ah

Tah-tah-kle'-ah HD 7
Talons STR (1 Nearby) 8 dmgƒ 
Bite - STR (1 Close) 3 dmg    
Tail Swipe - STR (1 Nearby) 5 dmg    
  • Bloodthirsty! The tah-tah-kle'-ah deals double damage against targets below 1⁄2 max HP.
  • Graceful! Roll a d6 at the start of each turn, on a 1 or 2 tah-tah-kle'-ah gains an extra Action.
From the Yakama tribe come tales of supernatural women who resemble giant owls, dwelling in caves by day and flying out at night to prey on all manner of creatures — including humans. In fact, they are said to prefer the taste of children. Legend has it they can hunt humans by mimicking their language. 

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