Monday, November 26, 2018

Darkest Dungeons: The Crocodilian for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Many decades ago, the Courtyard was built on top of a drained swamp; now that the once great and splendid gardens, luxurious halls and mansions are overgrown and crumbling, the wilderness of the Moor has returned to reclaim what men has taken from nature. Bit by bit, buildings are slowly sinking into the growing swamp, and plants and animals once driven from their ancestral homes are recolonizing the overgrown gardens.

But even nature itself is not safe from the blood curse; the sickness that has taken root in the Courtyard is now spreading into the swamp, and there is no creature great or small that is safe from its twisted influence. Of all corrupted and mutated creatures that lurks within shallow waters of the Moor, non are as feared as the Crocodilian.

Where this mighty beast came from, no one knows; some say it was always living deep within the swamps of the Moor, while others think that it must have been imported from some far away land by one of the nobles for his collection of exotic animals before it escaped from the menagerie. One thing is clear; this amphibious marauder must have had close contact with those tainted with the Crimson Curse, for it has mutated into something abhorrent: part crocodile, part insect.
The Crocodilian          DIFFICULTY 100
Size 2 frightening monster
Perception  15 (+5); shadowsight
Defense 16; Health 100
Strength 16 (+6)    Agility 13 (+3) 
Intellect   6 (-4)    Will       13 (+3)
Speed 10; swimmer
Immune frightened

Teeth Rake (melee) + with 1 boon (2d6+1)
Spear (melee or short range) +2 with 1 boon (1d6+1)


Lurker The crocodilian can use an action or a triggered action to move.
Twin Strike The crocodilian attacks twice with its teeth rake. It makes each attack roll with 1 bane.

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