Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Knave: Adding the Cypher System's Foci or JACK

I finally got around to checking out Knave and it's pretty darn cool for just seven pages.

It's a classless approach to OSR games and it's well done.

Somehow, it got me thinking of the Cypher System and Numenera and THAT got me thinking about adding Foci for the those games.

Here is my first knave with the Focus of Consorts with the Dead.
I decided to import The Black Hack's Usage die and start at D8. The way that works is whenever you use Consorts with the Dead, roll a d8, on a 1-2 then next time roll a d6. This continues down to d4 and then when you roll a 1-2, you are tapped out for the day and need a night's rest to reset the Usage Die.

Physique: Ripped
Face: Ratlike
Skin: Rough
Hair: Greased
Clothing: Filthy
Virtue: Tolerant
Vice: Rude
Speech: Whispery
Background: Beggar
Misfortunes: Replaced
Alignment: Chaos
Focus: Consorts with the Dead Ud8

STR 12 (+2)
DEX 13 (+3)
CON 11 (+1)
INT 12 (+2)
WIS 13 (+3)
CHA 12 (+2)

HP 6

Armor: Gambeson 12/+2; 3 Quality
Gear: Saw, Pick, Bear Trap, Bottle, 
Weapon: Sword 1d8 damage; 3 Quality

Item Slots: 8 of 11 used

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