Tuesday, November 13, 2018

B/X Essentials: Shimmer Boy Armor for Wyrmholes

Shimmer Boy Armor is a product of the Outsiders who came from beyond the Wyrmholes that have opened up over the last decade. At least a dozen of these walking siege engines wearing shimmering, metallic armor. What's worse is that each of the suits are equipped with a terrible thunder cannon that can threaten even the most well-designed keep. Rumors abound that Duke Egstrum of Tarmaland has two of them guarding his vault at Castle Dread.

What is known is that one of the pilots fell to the magic of Olia the Viper and she trained Sir Roland of Trent to use one. Many adventurers talk openly about finding a Shimmer Boy suit of their own.

• AC 0; 1/2 damage from laser weapons
• Thunder Cannon 3d6+2 damage; 
   Must spend a full action activating grounding pylons.
Targeting Systems grant +1 to Hit
• Pilot does 1d6 unarmed melee damage while wearing the suit
• Sensory pods let the pilot Hear Noise as a Thief of 
   the same level
• Pilot's Movement is 50' while wearing the suit

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