Monday, November 19, 2018

1,000 Faces: Eliza Bretonne

Eliza Bretonne
Female Human
5E Level 3 Oath of the Crown Paladin
LL Level 3 Fighter

Ability Scores:
Str 13    Dex 10    Con 14
Int 10    Wis 12     Cha 15 



Role: Eliza is only 16 years old, but a vision from Chaplain Edvard Husk revealed her to be favored by the God of Law. She has quickly move from being a squire to a full-fledge Paladin and handled the new post with grace, even after suffering some ridicule from a few veterans in her fold. What sets Eliza apart is her healing ability (3 x her level healed per day) and her ability to tell if someone is lying at all times. She is training with the long sword, but prefers the mace.
   As a contact, Eliza is a loyal ally with a good deal of pull amongst her church
   As an enemy, she is relentless and will follow whatever orders she is given.

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