Monday, November 12, 2018

Darkest Dungeon: Pelagic Grouper for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Many eons beyond counting, before the Ancestor was born, before the Manor was built on the hill, even before the Hamlet was founded and the first settlers came to this distant land, there was a race of people that called this land their home. Little is known about them, and if they were human or some other damnable creature, we shall never know. While their name is long lost to time, it is clear that they were great engineers and artists.

Remnants of their civilization can be found littered around the Estate for those who know where to look; from the Ancient Statue of a Great and Mighty Warrior in the Courtyard to an Ancient Network of Aqueducts, Sewers, and Tunnels underneath our feet. But the crown jewel of this ancient empire was their city, a vast underground metropolis underneath the very hill where the Manor now stands. Giant pillars and stone circles carved out solid stone, temples and houses, ports and harbors, and even in its ruined state, you can still see the glorious splendor. Ancient pictographic images are carved in stone walls of their temple halls, some of them showing a pyramid-like structure surround by tentacles, hinting that they either worshiped some kind of sea goddess or a great and unnameable power.

Pelagic Grouper          DIFFICULTY 10
Size 1 pelagic
Perception  10 (+0); shadowsight
Defense 13; Health 15
Strength 12 (+2)    Agility 12 (+2) 
Intellect   9 (-1)    Will       9 (-1)
Speed 8; swimmer

Cutlass (melee) +2 with 1 boon (1d6)
Spear (melee or short range) +2 with 1 boon (1d6+1)

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