Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Old World: Spirit Hosts of the Vampire Counts

Spirit Host are those tormented spirits of Humans who were not given rest from their graves and was forcibly summoned by Necromancers or Vampires to do their bidding. On the field of battle, these vengeful apparitions cluster together into hosts that drift slowly towards their warm-blooded victims with a terrible inevitability. Even a cannonball strike will not damage a Spirit Host, for they exist only partially in this world. However, their twilight state does not render these spirits harmless. They can claw at a mortal’s flesh with long, taloned hands, stopping the victim’s beating heart with nothing more than a touch.

2nd level wrecker [UNDEAD]
Initiative: +0
Vulnerability: Holy

C: Long, Taloned Hands +7 vs PD (1d3 Close Targets) - 14 damage
     Natural roll of 16+: The target(s) are stunned.

Nastier Specials
Spectral: When the Spirit Host is hit with an attack, if it is a natural odd roll, they take no damage.

AC 12

AC 16          HP 72

MD 18

Fear Threshold: 15

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