Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Savage Rifts: The Proctors of the Rhinelands

Gemini Point

Gemini Point is the central hub of the Proctor presence in the region known as Taurus on the northern shore of the Rhine. 
The Proctors have maintained Gemini Point, according to their archives since before the Cataclysm. They were able to maintain a limited society with plenty of food stores and useful goods for potential trade for over a decade after the Cataclysm due to the security of it's sub-basements. With the magical power of the ley lines, the Proctors perfect a strange form of magic, known as Astromancy, to protect themselves.

While the Proctor's flourished in their bunkers, the area around Gemini Point was settled and became known as Taurus. 
Taurus and its citizens were grateful when the Proctor's emerged and gladly excepted their magic, food, and technology in exchange for letting the newcomers lead them. 

While there is a tentative peace between the Proctors and Covingtown, the town's leader, Hunter Rose has known for several months that the group is spying on him on behalf of Uk and the Stable of Lexington, farther south.

However, what no one  is aware of, is that the Proctors have been infiltrated by the True Federation of Magic and one of the order's two leaders, Belinda Iando, was an apprentice to Alistair Dunscon.

Over a decade ago, Belinda and nearly two dozen of her most loyal followers sought to learn Astromancy from the Proctors of Gemini Point. Belinda, a master manipulator, easily moved through the groups ranks and now sits as one of the group's two leaders. Belinda is the Castor of the Proctors and shares power with Marlboro McMahon, the group's Pollux. McMahon, a savant at  astromancy, has a weakness for booze and women and Belinda keeps him deep in exotic flavors of both to keep him loyal to her. While McMahon is weary of Belinda's relationship with Uk and the Stable, his addictions make him a malleable ally.

Belinda's reign as Castor has been good for the economic prospects of the citizens of Taurus and she is generally popular amongst it's citizens. While some were dubious of her desire to form an alliance with Lexingtown, the influx of exotic goods and horses has proven very popular.

While Belinda is loyal to the True Federation, she is keenly aware that she'd rather lead a Federation outpost, than be forced to return to the lethal machinations of the City of Brass. This has led Belinda to master Astromancy. If such a time comes, she wants her newfound knowledge to be a surprise to any potential rivals.

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