Thursday, July 28, 2016

Masters of the Universe + Unity = Brainstorming!

I have a habit of brainstorming about games before they come out. It's almost as strong a habit is combing threw posts about a game's system to figure it out before it's released. Yeah, it's weird. But, I did it with Primeval Thule and Shadow of the Demon Lord, as examples.

I don't know much about Unity's default setting, but I know that what I've seen of the characters and system make me think of Eternia from Masters of the Universe. As anyone who reads this blog much knows, I'm a BIG fan of He-Man. I'm also a big fan of introducing my player's to a setting they have some familiarity with.

So, I've been thinking about setting a Unity game in Eternia's ancient past, at least as far back as the time of King Greyskull or even older.

In this setting the Furians would be the ancestors of Beast-Man.

The Valla are the Sy-Klone's ancestors who will one day settle Anwat-Gar.

Maybe the Afflicted are the Pelezean ancestors of Stinkor? Maybe they're Orko's Trolla race?

In fact, going back to the days that Skeletor was a demon, his race could be Unity's Fell.

Obviously, I'm in a cart before the horse situation, but well, some people knit or work on engines, I plan games.

I think I'd import 13th Age's One Unique Thing, but tie it to a once per scene ability. Y'know just to keep the flavor of the Masters.

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