Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Fell, an Enchanted Object

Bartok of Westhall spent his life as a lumberjack, just as his forefathers did before him. As a child, his Grandfather used to tell him stories of the trolls and giants that once haunted the Ettengeist Woods, all while Bartok sat on the old man's knee, hiding his face in his Grandfather's chest when the stories got too frightening. One can imagine the lumberjack's shock at finally witnessing a pair of trolls sneaking about, not one-hundred yards from him one day in those same woods. As the monsters caught his scent and scrambled forward, Bartok realized that his Grandfather, dead three summers, was whispering in his ear, retelling him the tales from the humberjack's childhood. He also told the lumberjack when to move so neither monster would disembowel him, or worse. Long minutes later, as both trolls lay dead and dismembered at Bartok's feet, he said a quiet prayer of thanks to the old man, weeping both at his victory and the deep loss of the Grandfather whom he loved.
   To this day, anyone who finds Bartok's axe, the prized gift from a long, dead lumberjack's Grandfather, can count on the old man whispering in their ear when they face a troll or giant.


This exchanted axe vibrates slightly when within 100 yards of a troll or giant. Additionally, trolls or giants have 2 Banes on attack rolls against Fell's wielder.

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