Monday, July 11, 2016

The Old World: Grave Guard of the Vampire Counts for 13th Age

I'm very, very pleased to see how well-received my 13th Conversions of the Old World's Vampire Counts have been.  Thank you!

I've been doing this series on and off for several months now and if I get 3 New Patrons for my Patreon, I'll create a Fan PDF for the Series and treat it as a Living Document, updating it as I add to the series.

The Grave Guard, or Wights as they are sometimes called, are the Undead corpses of long-past heroes and warlords that have been arisen from their graves with a partial flicker of the original soul trapped within, allowing the Undead to fight the enemies of the Necromancer that raised them with the skills and tools of his former life. On other occasions, Wights are often arisen by their own means when the place of their rest, such as a tomb or mound was desecrated by outside intruders, forcing the deceased spirit to be sucked into his former body by the Dark Magic that permeates from such an evil place.

6th level spoiler [UNDEAD] 
Initiative: +3
Vulnerability: Holy

Long Forgotten Steel +11 vs. AC - 21 damage
        Natural Even Roll: 1d10 additional damage.

Disciplined: The Grave Guard uses the escalation die.

Nastier Specials
Stout Shield: The Grave Guard gains a +2 to AC when it rolls a  Natural 16+.

AC 22

PD  20             HP 100

MD 16

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