Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Old World: Crypt Ghouls of the Vampire Kingdoms for 13th Age

Crypt Ghouls, also known simply as Ghouls, are the degenerated descendants of humans who were reduced to cannibalistic creatures due to the consumption of raw or decaying flesh. Crypt Ghouls are ugly, stooping creatures with only a vestigial sense of their former life or personality. Their skin is sallow and filthy, their eyes are bestial and insane, and their snarling lips reveal sharp-pointed teeth in slavering mouths. Dressed only in the rags they pull from their victims, Crypt Ghouls carry weapons they have picked up or have crudely fashioned from the remains of their unwholesome meals.


3rd level troop [HUMANOID] 
Initiative: +9

Femur +8 vs. AC - 10 damage
        Natural Roll of 16+: 1d10 additional damage.

Nastier Specials
Slavering Mouth +8 vs. PD - 10 damage

        Natural Roll of 16+: The target is weakened.

AC 19

PD  17             HP 45

MD 13

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