Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Review: Adventurers! by GRAmel

The Adventurers! from GRAmel is pretty exciting concept, an RPG in 2 pages. The layout is pretty neat and you do get a Player's Guide (2 pages) and a GM's Guide (2 pages).

The Introduction to the Player's Guide welcomes you to the game.

Action Resolution presents the rules: Roll 2d6 and add one of the three Stats to equal or exceed a 7 (before modifiers). Opposed rolls are 2d6+Stat vs 2d6+Stat, high roll wins. Double 1's are critical failure. Double 6's are critical successes.

Next we are introduced to the three Stats: Strength, Agility, and Mind. As well as the four derives stats: Attack, Defense, Heroism (let's you add +1 to a roll or reroll the dice), and Endurance (hit points).

The Character Creation section is three sentences! Quick and painless.

There are 10 unique Skills that you can have Basic or Advance training in. Each Skill explains what each level of training does for you.

Combat covers Initiative, Actions, Attacking, how Attacking crits work, how Defending crits work, and what happens when both occur (nothing).

How Recovery occurs is covered in this section.

Character Advancement explains what you can do with 2 to 4 XP.

The Gear section gives you a pretty good list of useful supplies.

Powers is next, they require a Mind roll to use and there ways to modify them. There are 9 to choose from and they cover a great deal of special effects.

The final section is Optional Rules, which cover Point Buy Stats, using points to increase the amount of Coins you have, the major Fantasy races, and critical failures in combat.

The Introduction to the GM's Guide welcomes you to the rules.

Resolving actions covers what Stat to roll, Teamwork, Long Tasks, and Narrative Combat.

Heroism and Experience! explains how to hand out Heroism and how much XP to give out at the end of a game.

Hazards covers spot rules for various dangers and effects an Adventurer will face.

Personalizing the Game! covers examples of Powers, Minons (and how they work), example Relics, specific Items, and Potions.

Next is the Bestiary with plenty of examples of traditional fantasy antagonists, a total of 15.. 

Special Abilities explain how the creatures powers presented in the Bestiary work.

And it's followed on a section explaining how to Customize antagonists.

And that's not all you get. A character sheet and cover are provided and you can print out cards to write up your antagonists on.

All for $1.36!

Buy this NOW!!!

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