Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Savage Rifts: Rhinelands Campaign Map and Overview

I don't know exactly when Rifts for Savage Worlds will be out, but I'm already gearing up for  my first game.

The Rhinelands are inspired by where I living in the Greater Cincinnati Area of Cincinnati, OH, Southwestern IN, and Northern KY.

I drew up a map showing my major areas:

Gemini Point and Tarurus are in the ruins of Cincinnati and they controlled by the mysterious Proctors.

Covingtown is controlled by Hunter "Grendel" Rose and his Protoculture Plantation dominates southeast of it. While Covingtown does some river trade, it is a dangerous place filled with mercenaries and the entertainment they enjoy. Rose has close ties to a successful mercenary company, Ryle's Raiders, who are well respected throughout the region.

Aurora does a heavy river trade, and is known for its brewing of whiskey and poisons, and uses Casketeers, a proprietary process to utilize their dead for labor and defense.

Lexingtown has an accord with the Proctors, who sends weekly reports on the happenings of Covingtown to the Council that controls the city. The Stables raise, train, and augment horses for Cyber Knights and other powerful benefactors. The region has gained success by raising food crops and being the home of the widely regarded University, where one can study medicine, science, engineering, agriculture, and even magic. 
   Within the last year, Doctor Victor Von Doom came to the University to offer his services, he then cleared out and took over Castle Post and made it his home. Doom claims to be a powerful ruler, scientific genius, accomplished sorcerer and dimensional traveler. He has appealed to the Council for a seat and has offered to assassinate Hunter Rose, so they can annex Covingtown and it's resources. Doom also claims to have access to powerful allies who would serve them, as an army, for Protoculture.

By the way, if anyone has a map program they recommend, let me know!

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