Monday, May 16, 2016

Savage Worlds: The Black Skull of Lankhmar

After running the adventure in the Savage Worlds of Lankhmar Test Drive, I started thinking about the Black Skull that was so wanted by the Guildmaster and the Wizard, here's what I came up with:

The Death's Head Parliament are the spirits of Fiorello the Wise (the White Skull), Brossia the Fiery (the Red Skull), and Dia the Grim (the Black Skull), sages and wizards of the ancient world that have been bound to their skulls. For centuries the Parliament was housed within the Library of Kem and where the wisest and most powerful would pay handsome sums for their advice.

However, nearly sixty years ago, a mercenary army led by General Nigel Skeine sacked the Library. To the General's frustration, the Black Skull and the Red Skull were missing.

The Black Skull 

Dia the Grim was a potent black magician and an expert on history, diplomacy, poison, and botany. 

While wielding the Black Skull:

• You gain Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Poison), and Knowledge (Botany) all at a d12. Additionally, you Charisma is +2.

• You have acces to the following powers: Drain Power Points, Fear, Havoc, and Zombie. All have the necromancy Trapping.

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