Saturday, May 28, 2016

Savage Worlds: Worgen Race


• Aberration: You take -2 damage from powers with the Acid, Darkness, or Electricity trappings.

• Cursed: You begin with the Bad Luck hindrance.

• Darkflight: You begin with the Fleet-Footed edge.

• Invaded: -4 to Charisma when dealing with the Forsaken.

• Torches and Pitchforks: You begin with the Phobia: Fire (Minor) hindrance.

• Two-Forms: You can control your transformation into a worgen.  Transforming requires an action and a Spirit roll. If Incapacitated, you instantly return to your mortal form. 
You gain the following when you become a worgen:
   • Bite: Str+d4
   • Claws: Str+d6
   • Infection:  Anyone bitten by a worgen who suffers a wound or 
   greater must make a Vigor roll. Failure means the character 
   can become a worgen after 24 hours.

   • Infravision

• Viciousness: When you get a Raise on your attack roll, add +1d8 to the final total, instead of +1d6. 

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